Conversational AI-based software solutions that businesses use to automate different human interactions. Live chat customer support is one such application of AI chatbots. The role of AI is to put machine-learning technologies into action for learning human behaviors in customer support systems and automating the response processes. Customers interact with the chatbots to resolve grievances, ask questions, and raise certain concerns. The chatbot, which works in harmony with CRM systems, can put the data into analytics and reply to the customers accurately and quickly.

A virtual assistant is yet another important application of AI that supports users in performing daily tasks like setting up the alarm, booking appointments, reminding of upcoming events, sending messages, and much more. These are more of a replacement for human assistants; say, when you ask your PA to take some notes or send an email to someone.

There are numerous ways bot solutions can help your business communicate with your customers, from directing calls to placing product orders. Our chatbot development services create solutions that:

  • Respond to FAQs
  • Provide IT support and troubleshooting
  • Facilitate sales
  • Represent your brand
  • Guide users through catalogues
  • Coordinate product ordering