Developing an automation roadmap essentially involves 2 steps – Process Identification & Process Prioritization. In order to prioritise processes, it is essential to determine the feasibility, complexity, effort and cost of automating each process (or set of processes), working out the expected savings, and then developing a business case (ROI model).

This process in itself can be costly and time-consuming because

Companies have complex structures and there are a very large number of candidate processes to sift through.
Developing the business case requires a lot of data including FTE count and estimated reduction post-automation which can be difficult to establish in a precise manner.

MySoftlabs has developed a sensible and practical approach to carry out this analysis quickly and efficiently. It involves the following steps:


The first step in getting an automation program off the ground is to identify processes that are possible candidates for automation.

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Once candidate processes have been identified through the process discovery workshops, the next step is to analyze and prioritize them. This involves assessing the following for each candidate process:

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The MySoftlabs Intelligent Automation Framework helps organizations design automation solutions for complex processes that RPA alone cannot handle.

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