Natural-language generation (NLG): software engines that create seamless interactions between humans and technology by following rules to translate observations from data into prose. Broadcasters have been using natural-language generation to draft stories about games in real time. Structured performance data can be piped into a natural-language engine to write internal and external management reports automatically. NLG has been used by a major financial institution to replicate its weekly management reports. – McKinsey

Arria NLG Studio is the world’s first true NLG design tool that gives users (from novice to expert) the ability to automatically generate, from complex data sources, superbly written, natural-language reports that you would believe were written by a human expert. Arria makes the best of Arria’s technology available in one robust, easy-to-use tool.

With Arria, you create natural language generation (NLG) applications using scripts you design and data sources you supply. Each application created can generate an infinite number of narratives that transform your data into natural-language stories and reports.

  • Advanced analytics combined with advanced linguistics
  • High-level programming within user-friendly platform
  • Simple scripting with pre-built Function Libraries
  • Ability to build your own data-driven NLG projects
  • Instantly publish applications to a RESTful API
  • Powerful NLG, any where, any time!