Spend less time keying. Decrease time to decision.

Businesses rely on data to deliver products and services to their customers. However, this data too often lies trapped in documents requiring slow and error-prone manual processes to extract and convert the data into a useful form. Even if successful in automating some of these processes away, enterprises can find themselves locked into legacy processes and systems stifling customer-driven innovation.

Hyperscience IDP

Hyperscience is an input-to-outcome platform for the automation of document-based workflows. Built configurable from the ground up, our IDP solution can mold to your existing business processes today and help you optimize them for your future business needs of tomorrow. Trained on real-world documents with real-world imperfections, and equipped with pre-trained Machine Learning models, our Intelligent Document Processing solution can meet your target levels of accuracy and handling times, while being smart about when to involve humans in the process. No matter the coffee stains, scan lines or messy handwriting, Hyperscience turns documents into the structured data you need to service your customers. It’s meaningful automation, delivered.

Out-of-the-box accuracy and automation is possible.

At Hyperscience, we believe that if people have to redo the work done by software, it isn’t automated. Technology that promises automation must be able to meet your expectations for accuracy from the start. No exceptions. That is why our solution has built-in automation and accuracy.