Meet a powerful platform that transforms the way your organization processes and uses content. While legacy enterprise content management systems simply scan and store content, Kofax Capture™ captures, processes and integrates content directly into your critical business workflow and systems from any location. The result? Total process transparency and unprecedented control and insight over your organization’s documents and data.

Automate, Accelerate and Scale Information Capture

Automate and accelerate business processes with a powerful, flexible platform that provides a standard and consistent process for securely capturing all types of information and is scalable across the organization. Paired with Kofax Transformation, the solution provides a wide range of capabilities to capture, understand and deliver information. A complete chain of custody for content is ensured, improving regulatory and compliance efforts while creating unprecedented access to information within your organization.

Gain Control of Your Content

Kofax Capture speeds the processing of paper and electronic documents while providing consistent rules for indexing and delivering the right information to corporate repositories and applications for quicker and more accurate decisions. With tight integration with virtually all capture channels and your organization’s system of record, you gain control over the critical content that drives business decisions.

Optimize Your Operations with Meaningful Insights

With integrated analytics, you can monitor the efficiency of operations down to the granular level of user, document and index field. Where errors and bottlenecks occur, work to reduce or eliminate friction, increase productivity and better serve and engage customers.


Capture Documents, Data and More

No matter the source—scanner, multi-function printer, print stream, email, fax, web service or file folder—you get production-level scanning and indexing from structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents that contain information in many forms, including machine-printed text, barcodes, hand print and structured page marks like checkboxes.

Capture Anywhere at Any Time

Whether your team is scattered across the globe in branch offices, home offices or traveling offices, you need a flexible system with capabilities for both centralized and distributed processes that significantly reduces processing times and creates a better customer experience. Extend Kofax Capture with an integrated link between intelligent devices like multifunction peripherals (MFPs), network scanners, mobile devices and web and thin client capture capabilities.

Realize a Swift Return on Investment

Automating content capture and distribution not only puts content at your workers’ fingertips and improves your interactions with customers, but it also creates operational efficiencies that typically result in an ROI within 12 months with our solution.