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Our excellent support teams will ensure that you don’t compromise on quality of automation keep it functioning 24×7. Improve your efficiency and reduce cost by more than 20%.

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In the absence of streamlined IT functions for automation applications, it is often difficult for companies to focus on their core business processes.

General restrictions like:

  • Lack of resources to support the automated processes and applications
  • Issues in coordinating  between support groups and across teams
  • Lack of scalable infrastructure
  • Absence of proper monitoring

Improving the efficiency of elementary business processes, and reducing operating and support costs presents a key challenge.


Support Desk provides global support in any geography, attending to technical requests anytime of the day & night. Our catalogue based offerings, including:

  • A single consolidated Service Desk: our one stop, enterprise-wide web based portal enables addressing current incidents and service requests across the enterprise. Users can report/request an incident/change, and monitor the status of ongoing requests.
  • Customized services: we provide customized services as per the users requirements. We can bring in technical and process enhancements that will add value and improve the overall experience.
  • Different level of support: we understand different issues need different level of expertise. Hence we offer support services as per the expertise needed. We have L1, L2 and L3 support levels having different set of expertise.


  • Improve productivity by 12-15% over three years
  • Lower operational costs by 10 to 12%
  • Improve operations from self-service to remote support
  • Increase stability through incident reduction
  • Realize higher problem resolution rates and reduced downtime
  • Leverage a phased transition approach with anticipated risk and mitigation strategies
  • Enjoy consistent user experience across shifts, locations, and languages