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Mysoftlabs assesses, plans, designs, builds and manages world-class digital automation solutions. We partner closely with some of the most iconic brands in existence such as Automation Anywhere, Abby, Arria, Kofax, UI Path, IBM, and many more. From concept to live, and everything in between: assessment, planning, user experience design, testing, customization, implementation & change management. Our team is passionate in automation and endeavors to motivate firms to adopt this defining technology. Collectively we’ve been planning, designing and building automation solutions for years. Many clients have leaned on us to reinvent their processes. Whether it’s an evaluation, a refresh, or complete rebuild from scratch, we are the automation experts that make it happen.

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A large pool of smart and reliable solutions in the automation industry.

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Mysoftlabs uses a systematic, dynamic way to collect and analyze data about a client. Correctly identifying the process is a critical step and holds the key to the success of an automation initiative


Many organisations fall into the trap of making an intuitive decision while determining which processes are to be automated first rather than conducting an objective analysis. Hence a suitable framework is needed which is aligned with business and strategic objectives.


Degree of automation that can be achieved for a particular process. Volume of transactions, scalability requirement, degree of digitisation, and system dependencies and constraints are to be considered to determine business user and infrastructure suitability.


Development and runtime environments are segregated and their respective automated process files are maintained through a formal version control. Hence only tested process files are implemented after business approval.


There are certain processes which change frequently due to regulatory or business requirements, and the bots for such processes would need to be customised accordingly. Bots need to be scaled when there are fluctuations in the volume of transactions.


The automation exercise can be driven by a central technology team or by the respective business functions independently. Involving an implementation partner with requisite skills – functional know-how (process and domain expertise) and technical competence, along with implementation experience-ensures successful automation.