The Myoftlabs Automation Framework helps organizations design automation solutions for complex processes that RPA alone cannot handle.

Artificial Intelligence and ML

A broad scientific discipline with its roots in philosophy, mathematics and computer science that aims to understand and develop systems that display properties of intelligence.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger that maintains a continuously-growing list of every transaction across every network distributed over thousands of computers. This is changing the way banking is done.


The first step in getting an automation program off the ground is to identify processes that are possible candidates for automation. Mysoftlabs approach is to conduct a series of quick workshops.

End to End Implementation

Our Robotic Process Automation Assessment and Roadmap offers our clients a clear, structured framework with which to launch a successful RPA journey and set expectations.

IPA Training

Delivering need based training and skill development in the area of development of automation tools, implementing RPA, automation anywhere advance RPA professional training, customized turnkey training plan execution, consultancy in the area of training & skill building.